Karst Hydrogeology

Karst Hydrogeology January 25, 2024

GPS surveying of a winter water level in a turlough on a crisp January morning. And yes, that’s ice around the edges of the shoreline!

Sky on fire – Carrowmore Lake, Co. Mayo

Sky on fire – Carrowmore Lake, Co. Mayo November 22, 2023

Over the years we have spent a lot of time in County Mayo. We were on-site in Mayo this week visiting another proposed wind farm site, and we captured this fiery sunrise.

Sheskinmore Dunes – Ardara, Co. Donegal
Maherees Dunes – Castlegregory, Co. Kerry
Sally Gap – Liffey Head

Sally Gap – Liffey Head April 6, 2022

We get to work in the most amazing places. We are currently monitoring blanket bog hydrology in advance of peatland restoration works near the Sally Gap, Co. Wicklow.

Water Well Rehabilitation – Manganese Encrustation
Geological Folds

Geological Folds March 8, 2022

A fantastic example of geological folds in thinly bedded Visean Limestones observed at a quarry near Lixnaw, Co. Kerry.

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