Habitat Management


  • Hydrological input/support to Ecologists completing AA/NIS
  • Bog (raised, blankets, fens) and wetland hydrological and hydrogeological characterisations
  • Peat augering and stratigraphy logging
  • Piezometer transect installations and monitoring
  • Turlough monitoring and hydrological characterisation
  • Petrifying spring monitoring and hydrological characterisation
  • Sand Dune monitoring and hydrological characterisation

Experience: Large variety of peatland projects completed, with over 25 years experience on raised and blanket bogs. Currently, HES are providing hydrological support to NPWS on a variety of interesting wetland restoration projects.

Example projects: Sheskinmore Dune Hydrological Study, Liffey Head Restore Project, Clonaslee Esker and Derries Bog SAC, All-Saints Bog SAC, Kilgarron SHD (Petrifying Spring Assessment).

Project Details

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